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Big news for all London lovers! Recently, the US Dollar hit a 31 year high against the British Pound. That makes a jump across the pond irresistible! Think great shows, wonderful sightseeing, world-class restaurants, the best holiday shopping and much, much more. Plus, on top of already great prices on our British sightseeing tours, you can save even more right now with our special offers!

With Brexit, the UK just became a great travel bargain!

It’s time to seize the moment and take advantage of the strong dollar! Americans are in a windsorcposition to afford infinite buying power overseas. While a strong dollar may not mean a cheaper plane ticket, the strong dollar converts to more money while overseas. According to a recent study performed by travel guru TripAdvisor, “international hotel rates are down seven percent” while “European rates decline non percent year-over-year.” With the “average European hotel rate at $121, which is less than current U.S. average of $127 per night,” it is actually cheaper to vacation in Europe than it is in The United States.

Make 2017 the year to visit England!

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